Anarchy is a great song and performance. The lyrics and melody are super solid and the vocal and instrumental performance throughout is spot on. The song is original and has strong commercial potential. Cimino hits it out of the park with Anarchy! Viva La Rock!- Stratgazer Entertainment

With the ever changing genres, sub-genres, cores, etc you find so many bands trying to re-invent themselves or create the latest or newest sound. So it is very rewarding to find a band through all of that, that is just out to perform and play straight up Rock n Roll. Allow me to introduce you to CIMINO who does just that.  CIMINO is a powerhouse Rock Band from Kansas City and is time for you to take a listen!

CIMINO is Kyle Cimino on Vocals, Lead Guitar, Sebastian Anderson on Drums, Vocals, Trevor Brown on Guitar, Vocals and Danny Lee on Bass. Together they are taking the music scene over with their catchy ballads, smoking guitar riffs, and edgy vocals. CIMINO currently has out their third album, “Angels and Animals“.  The album is filled with melodic rock songs, anthems features the singles “Start All Over,” “Anarchy,” and “Alive.”.  Check out their video for their song, “Start All Over."

Now that I have you hooked on them, let’s help them get to play the Battle of the Bands Warped Tour 2014. Here is the link where you can cast your vote for CIMINO:

So make sure to cast your vote and visit their social media sites so you can stay up to date on their latest news. You can pick up their music on Itunes here or CDBaby here. They also have a couple shows coming up in the Kansas City area if you are out there. April 12th at the Voodoo Lounge and April 17th at The Riot Room.

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Kansas City’s Cimino Delivers Angels & Animals LA Style


It’s often said that youth is wasted on the young. Try telling that to Kansas City quartet Cimino  who clock in at the ripe and wisdom expounding ages of 20-21 and who put out their first album before they could legally drive. ”For being 15, the music Kyle was writing was incredible, well beyond his years to say the least,” reflects drummer, Sebastian Anderson says of singer/lead guitarist Kyle Cimino.  Anyone with ears could see the talent the members possessed. They had a product nobody else did, even at that age sharing the same goal and drive in life: to be ‘Bon Jovi Big.’


Releasing a self-titled EP in 2009 with a full length following in 2012, the band entered the studio in late 2012 to begin work on Angels & Animals with guitarist Trevor Brown producing. Eleven songs came out, all of which were co-written by Kyle and Sebastian. All the music is solely written by Kyle, while both he and Sebastian write lyrics that give the band its identity. “Kyle has the music, the concept, the hook and a handful of lyrics,” says Sebastian. “I’ll come in and fill in the blanks if need be. Or, we’ll just stockpile all the lyrics for the new record and go from there. And hey – it works!”


In 2012, Anderson was hand-picked by singer / guitarist Nigel Dupree (son of Jackyl frontman Jesse James Dupree) to tour with his band through the remainder of the year based on local industry recommendations, including 98.9 The Rock morning show jock Johnny Dare. In 2013, Sebastian got the rest of Cimino involved and toured as Nigel’s backing band on Dupree’s ‘Up To No Good’ dates and opening several shows on that leg.


Touring with the Nigel Dupree band put them on stages alongside Papa Roach, In This Moment, Vince Neil, Scott Weiland and more and were even featured, as part of Nigel’s band in TruTV’s highly rated series “Full Throttle Saloon” in the episode All Hail’s Gonna Break Loose, which was devoted entirely to the band itself.

Kyle Cimino and Sebastian contributed a few songs to Nigel’s upcoming album, as well as performed on it. “We learned a handful about the touring side of the business, things that you can’t fully comprehend until you’ve lived it,” tells Kyle. The most important thing was that we had the chance to taste that success, to play these festivals with bands like Shinedown who have played a huge role in our musical careers in so many ways. That little taste allows you to see the light at the end of the tunnel and allows us to stay motivated to get back to that spot for ourselves, with our own music. We give it our all no matter who we play for, but there is a certain amount of passion that can never be replicated when you’re playing songs that are yours, representing your own product and name.


Some of that 80’s youth gone wild, LA street trash raunchy, rock and roll swagger starts Angels & Animals with the bluesy smell and sniff of LA Guns, Faster Pussycat, GNR and aquanet on, “Anarchy” which slides swiftly into the anthemic “Start All Over,” which, as Kyle puts it, “is a song about relapsing. It’s the desire that lingers in your heart for whatever your poison may be, despite what others say or think.” Relationships are a bitch to have and control regardless of what or who the partner is. Lustful at its core, “Animal” is about sexual tension and primal urges, with guttural gutters glistening on the road for the flesh hunt.  ”Basically girls with daddy problems!”  The up-tempo happy ballad “Alive” is a reflection of friendship.  “It’s about finding the light in each day and being thankful for the life you have,” says Cimino.  “It doesn’t matter where you are or where you end up, as long as you’re with the ones you love.” Young bad boys can be happy too.


The rock n roll road towards Fame, to sell your soul for your bad name, reputation and FTW attitude and lifestyle, it’s all worth the pain. It’s been paved with many a young dream filled with hope gone up or down in flames but it’s worth it as fame, immortality and legend last forever. Till I Forget Your Name’s a slow bluesy grinder, drunk down till she looks good and you think you’re someone else followed by a trip to the best little hotel down the alleyway. Sick’s trashed on the accesses of excessive Hollywood. Never is a softer, somber story of being too young and too in love to care, with the chance to look back and see from years of hindsight. Sexy Thang, spread your wings and sing. Someday’s driving down that lonely road seeing the full memory package in your head waiting and roaring to see ‘her’ again. We finish with the Shine that glistens and gleams with a mid-eighties GNR sweaty sheen.

Often compared to the likes of Shinedown, Buckcherry and early Alice In Chains, the band isn’t afraid to take the hard road looking for widespread commercial acceptance all while doing it on their own. Kyle Cimino sums the band’s perspective up: “We are 100% self-sufficient. We write all our material, record, produce, and play it. Yes, we play it. We don’t believe in tracks or loops or anything of the sort. We believe in having three members capable of singing harmonies, and a band that can hold their weight. What we’ve found in return to that approach is that every fan gained believes in us and our music, rather than believing we are trying to fit the mold. We don’t believe it’s a necessity to have a record company make us acceptable in the music scene, we believe that our music is that necessity. We just plan to give ourselves to the people who want good hard rock, which there is very little of lately.”


From the moment I heard the first track from Cimino’s latest album “Angels and Animals” I was hooked. Although the band from Kansas City had released their first EP in 2009 and album in 2012, this latest release from a few months back was my first encounter with the band. Cimino recently signed with Head First Entertainment to handle their PR and we have them to thank for sharing this excellent album with us at Rock Radio NI.



Cimino is Kyle Cimino on lead vocals and guitars, Sebastian Anderson on drums and vocals, Trevor Brown on guitars and vocals and Danny Lee on bass. The band prides itself on writing, recording, producing and playing all their on tracks, with Cimino himself writing all the music and Anderson working with him on the lyrics.


Having probably played the eleven tracks on the album about a dozen times within a few days of downloading it, I’ve finally narrowed down my favourites to “Anarchy”, “Animal”, “Fame” “Sexy Thang” and “Start All Over”.


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CIMINO is an American hard rock band from Kansas City, MO, formed in 2007 and founded by Kyle Cimino (Vocals/Guitar), Sebastian Anderson (Drums), and Trevor Brown (Guitar). The group has recruited Los Angeles based producer, Marc Jordan (the Cult, Velvet Revolver, the Mowgli’s) and iconic mastering engineer Howie Weinberg (Van Halen, Metallica, Nirvana) for their latest installment. CIMINO’s fourth release “CIMMETRY."

Singer/Guitarist Kyle Cimino states that “It is our mission to keep rock and roll alive. At this point, this machine has been going strong for 10 years, and at the end of the day, it has always been our goal to bring the people what they want. The people want the rock and roll, and this is it. This is what they have been missing.”